The Truth Comes Out

Last weekend while at a wedding, hubby stated that he really isn’t interested in biking the Camino.  I was taken aback.  My heart broke a little bit.  We talked about this for a couple of weeks non-stop and he was completely on board.  This is a dream of mine to accomplish before we get too old and too out of shape to complete it!  It was an adventure that we were going to do together, something that would bring us closer together (or tear us further apart).

So, Todd doesnt know this yet, but I am dead set on biking the Camino.  I may make this trek with my mom (who is always up for an adventure!) or by myself.  I will admit, it scares me to go to a different country with language barriers by myself, but I am determined to do this before I die.  And quite frankly, no one knows when their time is up…so I better get on it!

Even though we haven’t trained much at all in the last 2 1/2 weeks, I need to start on my own.  I can do this. I WILL do this. 


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